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I'm a thirty-something California girl. I hate being cold and waking up early. I'm still learning HTML and how to work LJ. My hobbies include: writing, reading, and arts & crafts. I like movies, tv shows, and video games.

I had originally signed up on LJ to read the fanworks of a specific author (who has since left LJ, funny how that works), but have stayed because I love the fandom community LJ lets me so easily access. I now follow several wonderful communities and writers, in several fandoms, I post many strange and wondrous thoughts myself (and love getting comments on them *hint hint*), and comment on an enormous number of posts (not just stories). I have met some great people here, who now all co-exist on my f-list (wonderful thing that); they keep me entertained.

They also provide me with inspiration unlike any I have had before. My family loves and supports me (even when they don't quite get me), but they aren't real "cheerleader" type personalities, heh. It is directly thanks to my lj-friends that I finally grew a pair and joined the ranks of fanwriterdom! That's right; I have posted (online for any to read) fanfic written solely by me. And people seem to like it, yay! It was even nominated for a fandom award, celebrate \o/

Since I now have fanfic, I have signed up at AO3 to host it. http://archiveofourown.org
Also, check out my art in my pics here and at deviant art.